The Benefits Of Using Oil Blotting Paper For Cosmetic Purposes

If you constantly wear makeup, you know how the ugly shine on oily skin can tamper with your makeup. It can be disturbing and affect your self-esteem. This is especially a common issue for people with oily skin. The extra oil production can create an unwanted shine over your makeup. It can also cause your makeup to disintegrate, especially in the T-zone area. Oil blotting papers help you maintain a mate finish for several hours after applying your makeup. They will help your makeup look dry and clean all day without having to reapply over and over. is a great place to purchase natural blotting papers. Click here to read more about blotting papers by This post discusses the benefits of using cosmetic oil blotting paper.

Advantages of using cosmetic oil blotting paper

You can use blotting paper for various purposes, like art projects. However, the most common application is in the cosmetic sector. Below are some reasons why blotting paper is commonly used as a cosmetic aid;

1. You do not have to reapply your makeup

One of the benefits of using cosmetic blotting paper can help you maintain your makeup without reapplying it. Naturally, after wearing makeup for several hours, you may need some touchups to keep you looking good. When makeup stays on your face for long, especially in hot weather, it starts to disintegrate and look cakey.

Therefore, most people powder their faces as part of the touchup. However, adding the powder to an oily makeup face can make it look worse than before. This is why blotting paper comes in handy. With blotting paper, all you have to do is dab away the oil and leave your face looking fresh and good for the rest of the day.

2. The sheets contain active ingredients that benefit your skin

Modern oil-control blotting sheets come with added benefits. They contain active ingredients like mineral oils and black charcoal that help your skin. For instance, some blotting sheets contain lavender and chamomile essential oils that help cool your skin. Blotting sheets with green tea or black charcoal also possess oil-fighting benefits. The active ingredients also make the blotting sheets more effective at absorbing oil and makeup preservation.

3. They are easy to use and carry around

Blotting sheets are also easy to use. You do not need any expertise to apply them effectively. Therefore, using a blotting sheet is easier than redoing your makeup. Oil blotting paper usually comes in small packets that you can conveniently carry around in your purse or pocket. Carrying a packet of blotting sheets is easier than carrying your makeup products or a while makeup kit. It also helps that a packet of blotting sheets costs less than ten dollars. This is cheaper than compact powder.


Men can also use oil blotting papers. They can help them eliminate unwanted shine and sweat from their face on humid or long days. Some men also wear subtle male makeup. Therefore, carrying blotting paper helps them keep the makeup intact and unnoticeable.