An Easy Diy Guide To Creating Your Own Pin Board For Anime Pins

For several years, collecting pins has served as a light pastime. It’s a portable work of art that many artists I like currently produce. However, I appear to have acquired more anime pin while under lockdown, and I must now decide which ones to remove to make room for new ones. Since most of my library consists of shows I like watching, narrowing my options may take time and effort. Look at this handy foam-board do-it-yourself board that can be painted and decorated to meet your tastes. Cardcaptor Sakura is the collection I want to devote the most time and energy to for the time being, if not forever.

Your Plan Should Be Drawn Of Anime Pin

Get an additional scrap of the fabric you plan on using so you may test out your color scheme and design elements in miniature first. I made a Clow Card since I am a Cardcaptors fanatic. The board, which I unfolded from its original 22 by 14 inches, is now flat. Start with an anime pin to erase missteps, and tread carefully on the foam it gives way readily.

Ink It

When I want to add color to my paintings, I use Micron pens since the ink does not bleed when it is applied and they are quite precise. On the other hand, the surface of the board needs an extended period of time for the ink to dry completely. Bear this in mind, and make sure to give yourself some more time so you can add color.

Then Color It In!

In all honesty, I took my time with it. I should have painted the inside first, but it took me forever to find the right shade of purple. Try a few different colors to get the right one. Several failed yellows and lackluster purples were necessary to get the desired result. I started on the interior with the gold accents and worked my way carefully to the exterior. Before I finished the border, I added the purple inside. After it dried, I used a toothbrush to paint white over purple to produce star shapes.

Mount It

I could not locate a suitable handling v-hook to connect my frame to, and there was no mounting gear included as advertised. Thanks to the tiny holes in the snap frame I purchased, I could thread some wire through and tie a knot on the back of the frame directly beneath the foam insert.

Affix Your Pins, And Get It Up On The Wall!

And there you have it: a custom pin board made from your Clow Cards and instructions for making your board dedicated to your favorite anime.


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